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This is a community dedicated to Mr. Shigeaki Kato, the hot and prettyboy of NewS. Please read through this userinfo page before joining/posting. Thank you x333

The moderators of this community are heroismine, aimaimemories and sutafairu.

Name: 加藤成亮 (Kato Shigeaki)
Nickname: Shige
Date of Birth: 11th of July in 1987
Place of Birth: Osaka
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Shoe Size: 27.5cm
Left Pinky Length: 5.4cm
Eye Sights: Right-0.3 Left-0.4
Family Members: Parents
Specialties: Put his entire fist into his mouth, sleeps early and wakes up early
Positive: He'll make sure what he's going tomorrow before he sleeps
Negative: Gets hurt easily over trifles
Weird Habit: play with his nose
Charming Points: Eyes
Hobbies: Guitar
Favourite Food: Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)
Dislike Food: Pumpkin
Collection: Cactus (his record was 31)
Weak Point: Gets fooled easily
Best Karaoke Song: "Garasu no Sonen" of Kinki Kids
Pet Phrase: "My name is there too"
Treasure: Friends
Respected Person: Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
Favourite Girl Type: Someone that's similar to cat
Favourite Smell: Meals that elementary school gave out
Favourite Direction: South
Date Joined Johnny's: 1999/4/17
Groups Before NEWS: J-Support, K.K.Kitty

1) Every post should contain Shigeaki Kato.
2) You can post information/pictures/videos of Shige.
3) You can post any pictures as long as Shige is there.
4) Put big pictures, graphics, fics etc. behind LJ cuts.
5) Every newbie should post their introduction that contains; your name, age and place, when you started to like Shige, fave picture, song and PV.
7) HAVE FUN (^.^)!

Comment here if you want to affilate.
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