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Shige's gif icons

I'll shall introduce myself, since it's my first time posting here.

Nalin or you can call me niddie-chan if you like

Age: 18 (Still thinking that I'm 17)

Location: Sydney, AUS

Shige Fandom: First time I saw Shige, I thought, "Gosh, aren't NEWS suppose to be youngsters, this guy looks a bit old" (don't brick me Shige, I still love you!) 
As my NEWS love grew, I started my research or shall I use my own fangirling term "rampage" on each NEWS member but it appeared to be more interesting when I found stuff on Shige, since I feel that he gets neglected. So then I fell in love with his jweb and got to know him more. That's when the Shige lovefest drug took over me. I love finding posts made by other fangirls fangirling over Shige. Especially those that are really in love with him and are the obsessive types.
I say that I love all the guys from NEWS, but due to my fangirling obsessions, I guess I find it more fun fangirling mostly over Shige (But I really do love all of the boys in NEWS, I really do... maybe Shige a tad bit more than anyone else =D) This boy is made of AWESOMENESS~!! KoyaShige are my OTP!

Anyways, I've made some Shige gif icons and decided to post it up on this comm just in case some of you haven't already seen it. So if you would like to snag some, go ahead =D

Shige has such a killer smile, so click on him if you want to flail a bit more over it.

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