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NEWS Facebook Group [04 May 2017|08:28pm]

Hi All

I've created a Facebook Private Group for NEWS fans as I wasn't able to find one initially.
It's called NEWS Yonin (NEWS 4p). (I've put up 3 questions in order to avoid spammers from joining.)
It's not a FB page as the new algorithm doesn't pop up on our feed unless we have lots of interactions with it.
With a FB Group , We can get a notification once someone has posted something.

I've gotten the blessing from the mods at news_jpop 4newsfans koyashigedake koyama_daily

The FB Group would be centered around 4 pax News and if there are any interesting articles about Japan.(e.g. 10 best spots for Hanami/offers/travel tips etc )
Negative controversial topics/gossips will not be posted and will be removed.

The aim is to reach out to more NEWS fans that are on FB more than LJ, seeing that HSJ, Arashi, SMAP etc other groups are so active there.

  • Will mainly be linking back to LJ posts from news_jpop/4newsfans + the other news member individual pages.

  • Members will be allowed to post their own links, will not only be posted by the mod/owner.

  • No hyperlinking of the downloads directly -- plus I believe it's against FB policy and gets the page shut down quicker.. which we all don't want.

  • Create meet ups/events

for LJ posts, please share the URL so that we can maintain the f-lock on the posts.

The idea sprung when I previously posted about a possible meet up in 2018, should there be anniversary con.
Obviously, nothing is confirmed and I do not want to get anybody hopes up, neither do I want to intentionally offend anyone.

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ASST WALLPAPERS! [30 Jan 2014|10:24pm]


COME & GET THEM at the link below:
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intro post [14 Mar 2012|02:45am]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

my name is Megan, i am 18 years old, and i live in California, USA.

when did i start liking shige... hmm... thats a toughy... i dont know exactly when, but it was sometime during my... junior year in hs. im now a freshman in college so about 2 years ago ^^

fave pic (lets see if i have it on my laptop... i know its on the desktop): oh no! i dont have it... GOOGLE!!!

fave song: im assuming you mean a shige solo... id have to say its "happy music"

fave pv?! idk... i liked almost all of them! i cant choose T_T

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NEWS Pairing Meme [12 Jan 2011|12:13pm]

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NEWS wallies!! [08 Sep 2010|09:47pm]


Hi guys!! I made some NEWS graphics again^^
There's a group wallpaper and solos too of all the members.
If you're interested you can check them out and grab them at my LJ!!
Here's the link: http://elitejean.livejournal.com/18982.html

Thanks so much & Happy Days :]
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Shige Phone Wallies Batch 2 [04 Aug 2010|12:18pm]

Another set of Shige phone wallpapers~



more here~

Arigatou~ ^^
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[Troubleman] Shige Ringtones + [14 Jun 2010|05:32pm]

Hello! I just wanna share some ring tones I made from Shige's drama, Troubleman.

Links can be found here and here.


Many thanks~
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Shige Various Phone Wallpapers + [10 Jun 2010|12:37pm]

Hello~ Just dropping by to share stuffs I made because Shigeaki is LOVE. XDD

I made phone wallpapers of Shige from various magazine scans.



Phone wallpapers here

And more Shige stuffs
here @ my LJ.


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Shige Wallies & Icons!! [07 Feb 2010|05:19pm]


hello!! just dropping by to share stuff!!
click the link above to check them out^^
thank you & happy days :]

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Phone Wallies (Batch 2) [31 Dec 2009|04:34pm]


let's celebrate 2010 with new phone wallpapers!!
you can grab them at my LJ^^
thank you so much and happy days :]

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NEWS/TegoMass Stuff!! [13 Dec 2009|03:10pm]


sharing some NEWS/TegoMass wallpapers!!
for desktop use and mobile phone too^^
(7) desktop wallpapers (11) phone wallpapers
thanks so much & happy days :]
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Warning [29 Sep 2009|08:36am]


This is happening as well in [info]news_jpop right now and it had happened in the ARASHI and HSJ fandom a few weeks back.
Please be careful before you click these links. They either starts with webgain or tinyurl.

[info]ryochandesu, is currently the only one who has kept on re-posting the same thing over and over again since yesterday.
Edit: [info]iruy1 , [info]naked5x10 and [info]abcd100 have also posting the same thing.

Mod, please if you can ban this person and make a temporary moderated post for the comm.

And when it's all over, mod can delete this post.

Just be careful everyone~

edit:  and this person has blocked other members from commenting.
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[13 Sep 2009|05:21pm]

[ mood | blank ]

- Chiinen Yuuri [1]
- KAT-TUN (jin, junno, kame, koki, ueda) [11]
- Koyama Keiichiro [4]
- Masuda Takahisa [4]
- Yamashita Tomohisa [7]
- Nishikido Ryo [2]
- Kato Shigeaki [6]
- Tegoshi Yuya [11]
- Ikuta Toma [1]
- TomaPi [6]
- YuyaKame [2]
TOTAL: 55 icons

- NO hotlinking (save on your own server please if taking =D)
- Credit and comment if taking. =) (highly appreciated<3)



all here @ nikattun
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Shige picspam [18 Apr 2009|11:11pm]

Hello! ^__^ I'm Sanna, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Finland. As for Shige, he's been my absolute favourite for a while now, and my favourite song from him is Tambourine.:D Favourite PVs would be Koi no ABO, surprise surprise, and SUMMER TIME.

I made a picspam of him, there can be seen also some my favourite pictures of him.:D

It can be found over <a href="http://sanshinyia.livejournal.com/23782.html>here</a>.
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Shige Profile Layout! [02 Mar 2009|05:59am]

I made a Shige profile layout! (There's also one of each member of NEWS and one NEWS one!)


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Shige LJ Layout! [22 Feb 2009|03:19pm]

Of course Shige = ♥! These are all taken from NEWS' pacific tour pamphlet. Enjoy! Click the preview for installation instructions!


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Newbie! [21 Jan 2009|04:44pm]

Name: Cindie (or if you like, some call me Shindii)

Age: 24...25 in June

Place: Texas...Central Texas...well, LITERALLY the Heart of Texas. If that doesn't make sense, look at the state of Texas and consider it a human body, where the heart goes is where I'm about located. LOL

When I Started to Like Shige: I would PROBABLY say I started liking Shige about 3 or 4 months ago. Yeah, I'm a newbie. LOL But my favorite has always been Massu, but Shige's my definite number 2!

Fave Picture: This one currently

Song: Chirarizumu

PV: Taiyou No Namida simply for his white pants. LOL
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Shige's gif icons [17 Nov 2008|11:57pm]

[ mood | Shige is love ]

I'll shall introduce myself, since it's my first time posting here.

Nalin or you can call me niddie-chan if you like

Age: 18 (Still thinking that I'm 17)

Location: Sydney, AUS

Shige Fandom: First time I saw Shige, I thought, "Gosh, aren't NEWS suppose to be youngsters, this guy looks a bit old" (don't brick me Shige, I still love you!) 
As my NEWS love grew, I started my research or shall I use my own fangirling term "rampage" on each NEWS member but it appeared to be more interesting when I found stuff on Shige, since I feel that he gets neglected. So then I fell in love with his jweb and got to know him more. That's when the Shige lovefest drug took over me. I love finding posts made by other fangirls fangirling over Shige. Especially those that are really in love with him and are the obsessive types.
I say that I love all the guys from NEWS, but due to my fangirling obsessions, I guess I find it more fun fangirling mostly over Shige (But I really do love all of the boys in NEWS, I really do... maybe Shige a tad bit more than anyone else =D) This boy is made of AWESOMENESS~!! KoyaShige are my OTP!

Anyways, I've made some Shige gif icons and decided to post it up on this comm just in case some of you haven't already seen it. So if you would like to snag some, go ahead =D

Shige has such a killer smile, so click on him if you want to flail a bit more over it.

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[sharing] 20081116 the shounen club Premium - Kato Shigeaki [17 Nov 2008|10:40am]

Hi all!
I think that's my first upload here :D
I'm bringing you the latest Shounen Club Premium it our Shige as guest, if you are interested you find it over at my journal ^_______^
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Hello everybody!! - ¡Hola a todos! - Konnichiwa minna-san!!! [28 Oct 2008|11:07pm]


Hi! I'm Lucky from Argentina, in South America.

Well, How can I say?? I really love this guy... 

The first time that I saw him was in a video of weeek live from Tokyo dome...  Of course I was watching that video because I love Yamapi.. and until that moment  I didnt know  too much about NEWS. Well... when I was watching that video  the first thing that I thought was Who is that guy with dark hair and green dressed????...  and  that was the begining of my crush for Shige..

Now I'm in all his forums in spanish, and in one of the most important dorama's forums in spanish, I'm in charge of his Fan Club. so I try to recollect  photos, gifs, anything that has the face of shige in it...LOL. ... and also try to gather his magazine's articles in english so I can translate it into spanish.

Sorry for my english.. I realize that I can't read it perfectly.. but written it I'm really awfull!!!!

Spanish version:

Hola! Soy Lucky de Argentina, en América del sur.
Bien, ¿Qué puedo decir? En verdad adoro a este chico.
La primera vez que lo vi fue en un video de weeek en vivo en el Tokyo domo.. Claro que estaba viendo ese video porque me encanta Yamapi...y hasta ese momento no sabia mucho sobre NEWS. Bueno... cuando estaba viendo el video la primera cosa que pense fue ¿Quien es ese chico de pelo negro y vestido de verde???? Ese fue el comienzo de mi amor por Shige.
Ahora estoy en todos sus foros en español y en uno de los mas importantes sobre doramas estoy a cargo de su fan club. Asi que trato recolectar fotos, gifs, cualquier cosa que tenga la cara de Shige...jejej.. y tambien trato de juntar sus articulos de revistas en ingles asi puedo traducirlos.

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